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At CITAS we implement a unique approach to IT outsourcing. You don't need to hire different companies for separate IT projects. We'll do it all for you!. Click below to request our sales representative to call you.

We're interested in providing a solution for you there is no cost or obligation to call and discuss your application.

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Affordable prices
Serving customers primarily in the Minneapolis and Saint Paul metro Citas Inc. also does provides services to clients outside the greater metropolitan are via our Remote administration service. We will let you open a remote connection to our computers over Internet. Using this connection we can provide virtually the same level of services as you may expect from an on-site consultant.

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CITAS provides IT solutions using both software and hardware, working either jointly with a client's IT team or undertaking IT services completely.
A New kind of consulting
The time has come to bring a new kind of IT services to the world of consulting. No more restrictions on services , and no more confusing invoices at the end of a project.

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Monitoring solution
Spacer Nowadays, fast life forces IT professionals to make quick decisions. It's easy to make these decisions when you understand what is going on in the network. Sometimes the process of finding out what went wrong takes more time than fixing the problem itself. That is why CITAS introduces a complete monitoring solution, CITAS Network Monitor Server or CNMS. CNMS monitors networks, routers, servers and services and notifies IT staff if problems arise. CNMS allows to review a map of a network, showing all monitored hosts and indicating the source of the problem. CNMS can page IT staff or CITAS staff if problems arise, allowing a quick response and increasing availability of servers and services.

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